Hallow-vent Calendar - Day Two: Deathgasm

Welcome to our Hallow-vent Calendar; a horror-film-filled daily countdown to our favourite spooky celebration, Hallowe'en. For Day Two, David Ames brings us to Deathgasm...

If you were looking for something serious, along the lines of The Exorcist or The Shining, then I would have to turn you away from this film. If instead you wanted something that is on par with Wolfcop and the Evil Dead Series in terms of gore and fun, Writer/Director Jason Lei Howden’s 2015 horror/comedy Deathgasm is right up your alley.

I am a huge fan of metal music so this may have hit a little closer to my taste than some of yours but if you want to watch something so unbelievably ridiculous and funny that you will laugh out loud while also simultaneously almost throwing up from gore, this film is what you need. The best way I can describe this movie is to say that it is like Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny but with buckets of viscera and blood.

A teenager named Brodie is forced to move to a new town with his extremely religious relatives. They hate his music and the way he dresses, as do most of the people from his school. He is bullied and outcast but eventually finds a group of friends who accept him. They form a metal band who is woefully awful but through a series of ridiculous shenanigans, they come across and ancient metal song, known as “The Black Hymn” which when played summons a demon. The film then follows a progression of mistakes, hilarity, gore, weird sex toy fighting and other ridiculousness to come to a very unexpected ending.

I cannot express just how much fun this movie was. It was low-budget offering which does not feel as such and the production, acting, music, and costume/monster design are top notch. If you want to laugh and enjoy something which doesn’t take itself too seriously, which knows exactly what it wants to be and embraces all of the hilarity that comes with such an undertaking, which exudes bombastic nature and over-the-top metalhead mentality, you need to watch Deathgasm. I promise you it will not disappoint.

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