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A post-apocalyptic debut that packs a punch is coming your way this January 2017. Romeo Kennedy takes a swing at G X Todd's Defender thanks to Headline books...

The voices inside the heads of humankind have compelled them to kill and destroy bringing about the destruction of earth as we know it.

We meet Pilgrim who has a voice inside his own head and we see that they have some sort of a camaraderie. And their exchanges can be quite humorous. As the story takes place some time after the collapse of civilisation, it becomes quite clear that, even though Pilgrim and his voice seem somewhat comfortable with one another, there has obviously been a long and arduous road of adjustment and at times that adjustment continues between the two.

Pilgrim meets the young girl, Lacey, by the side of the road selling lemonade. He agrees to let Lacey join him in the hope that they will find Lacey's sister who lives in the city, alive and well. Of course, the journey doesn't quite follow the path and things get a bit dangerous to say the least.

Defender reads like a classic post-apoc road novel. Whilst the tropes are there (the brooding stranger, the girl that softens his heart, the surrounding destruction and danger behind every corner) they do not take away from a solid debut. In most post-apoc stories, human barbarism is a byproduct of the downfall of society e.g gangs that form to terrorise in the wake of a world in the grip of zombies. G X Todd makes it clear in Defender that humans brought about mankind's destruction and that the aftermath is no less destructive or brutal.

The characters are very well fleshed out and the switching in point of view between Lacey and Pilgrim keeps a real nice steady pace. Todd's post-apoc America leaves a lot of mystery and a lot of possibilities for the follow ups to Defender, which is the first in four part series, not least of which is the mystery of the Flitting Man.

Defender is a solid beginning to a journey that holds many answers and plenty of questions. This is a real must-read of post-apocalyptic fans, with a devastating climax that blows everything wide open.

Defender is out in hardback and Kindle on 12th January 2017 via Headline books.

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