Gaming - Monthly Activity Report: February 2017

The Defective Inspector spreads the indie gaming love in his monthly report for February...

I purposely waited until Valentine’s Day had been and gone to release this report. It’s insanely unpleasant for me to write during such a sickly-sweet time. Every bloody game, album and movie includes, at very least, some heart felt plea to copulate and I am SICK OF IT. Truthfully I am like the Grinch of Valentine’s Day reminding children it links to the St Bartholomew’s Day massacre in France. So, snap that cupid bow in half, chuck out the love hearts and let’s fall for what is important… GAMES.

The Mooseman

Before you start envisioning a Canadian Mountie stop right there. This game is a hard as nails puzzle game based around Russian mythology. You play as The Mooseman, a strange creature who explores various worlds ranging from the murky depths containing the land of the dead to the higher pantheons were long forgotten gods reside. This is one of the very few games which includes a note for buyers, it simply says “Please play with sound”. Sounds fantastic eh? Ignore the pun and enjoy the fact it’s on offer til 24/2/2017. Hurry!

Waking the Glares

I actually hate VR, I find the whole thing a bit gimmicky and I am old enough to see the craze rise and fall, in fact it happened twice in my relatively short lifetime. This game however isn’t JUST for VR and thus it gets a pass. Waking the Glares is an immersive story where you travel to particular fragments of time guided by an unknown voice or by a book. To clarify, the term “To Wake the Glares” is a term to discover and unravel secrets. Written with a phenomenal story and beautiful graphics even I can accept it’s worth considering, hell even if you are one of those filthy VR headset people. Go on, see when the game is released and get out of my sight!


AH Tim Conkling, that’s a name I love to hear from my little birds. it’s been sometime since he won the Whippering Cup back in 2015 and revealed Antihero as he’s future game to create. The wait is ALMOST over as the cockney driven turn based 4x strategy game is coming in April. The goal of this game is to be almost theatrically villainous in the Victorian-esque London-like streets to become the top dog either against an AI or your best “friends”. There is an immense amount of potential circulating around this game so I cannot wait for its release but feel free to pre-order!

The Game Makers: Inside Story

This is a little bit different for me. A group of well-established game makers got together and did an interview series funded by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Science. I think the idea was to show people a little bit of background work behind some of the bigger games out there but I saw it as inspiration for those willing to consider this path for themselves. So while I don’t agree with promotion of AAA game titles I do promote the inspiration of others, so click here and see if you could do what the greats do.

Crowdfunding Project of the Month: Throne of Lies

A 3D online multiplayer game of deception, mischief and betrayal Throne of Lies is all about taking elements of in-person board gaming but making it viably digital. You will start by being randomly assigned a faction and progressively you will work towards the final goal; to kill off the opposing faction, leaving just your faction left. Problem is you have no idea who other players are or what they are planning or even if they are on your team. If you like games which require you to distrust everything then this is the game for you. When I wrote this the funding was almost 100% and frankly it DESERVES to make it to the end. Get involved, throw your cash towards this project and be proud to own a glorious game.

And there we have it everyone, the love season is over and the better more enjoyable season begins, THE CHEAP CHOCOLATE SEASON!

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