SotD - Tricky, Escape

Tricky has released a new track called Escape as part of an album of music inspired by the film Ghost in the Shell...

In case you've been living under a rock (or shell) the live action remake of Ghost in the Shell hits cinemas at the end of this month and the accompanying album will be released by Paramount and Kobalt Music on the same day as the film, 31st.  It features tracks by the likes of DJ Shadow and Gary Numan as well as the pioneering experimental hip hop (he hates the term Trip-hop) star Tricky, who, it is rumoured, appears in the film itself.

Have a listen to Tricky's contribution to the soundtrack

Album Tracklist

01. Kenji Kawai - Utai IV Reawakening (Steve Aoki Remix)
02. Johnny Jewel - The Hacker
03. Boys Noize - Cathryn’s Peak
04. DJ Shadow - Scars feat. Nils Frahm
05. Above & Beyond - Surge
06. IO Echo - Aokigahara Forest
07. Tricky - Escape
08. Ki:Theory - Enjoy The Silence
09. Johnny Jewel - Free Fall
10. Gary Numan - Bed of Thorns
11. Johnny Jewel - The Key
12. Kenji Kawai - Utai IV Reawakening

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