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Erstwhile explorer of the bemusing story, Dom Conlon, together with wizened dark artist, Carl Pugh, have had their popular web series of Badtime Stories picked up for publication as a book by Unbound...

The book is for children and adults wanting something deliciously dark but never gruesome or disturbing and always with a wicked sense of humour. It is in the tradition of fairy tales from a time when children could go walking in forests, talk to woodcutters and even have their thumbs cut off.

The stories feature twins, Jacob and Jacob, as they face their bedtimes. Some nights they want to escape their bedroom and explore the house, sometimes they want to escape the house. And other times they just want to stay up late.

With characters such as Nurse Mariam, Cloister the gardener, babysitter Balthazar and Father (a genie made of ash), the book will be fully illustrated and contain fifty peculiar and very short stories. But even though they're short, each story is packed with detail hinting at a wider, stranger world in which anything can happen - however surreal.

Although Dom and Carl have twenty years of working together on marketing hit video games such as Resident Evil, Devil May Cry and Dead Rising, Badtime Stories is their first book together. The diabolical duo have created a world which extends far beyond the confines of the stories. Dom does the words and Carl does the pictures as events are hinted at, mysteries explored and a secret terror unfolds.

The best way to get the book is to pre-order it through the Unbound funding page where you'll find a load of other perks to pique your interest. From signed first editions to badges to playing cards to unique portraiture to... personally chewed toothbrushes?! Yes really. There's definitely something for all... erm ... tastes. And if you want a "taste" of the stories before you order the book just head over to the Unbound website to read some excerpts

And if... after all that... you need even more convincing (or even if you don't) watch the video below as Dom Conlon has something to tell you. Are you sitting uncomfortably? Then he'll begin...

For more information and to support the funding campaign, visit

Follow Dom on Twitter @dom_conlon and Carl on Twitter @firsthead

Image - courtesy of Dom Conlon

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