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Space Cowboys

When the editor's away, Steve Taylor-Bryant comes out play. With our esteemed Susan away from the office, Steve has decided to celebrate Clint Eastwood's birthday. Every day. For the whole week. Here's the next of his favourite Clint films...

No, you shut up! It says my favourite not Eastwood's best. I love Space Cowboys, it's the ultimate buddy film, a journey taken by squabbling friends that just isn't a road trip as they leave planet earth, well some of them do. I know it's not the greatest script ever written, I know it seems dated, but just marvel at a cast of incredible actors just going on screen, enjoying each other's company, and having an absolute blast, stop taking life too seriously.

Top quote - 

[Frank and Hawk are asking a waitress who she would prefer to 'take home']

Col. William 'Hawk' Hawkins: Would you prefer this man, with his asymmetrical sagging ass-cheeks, his love-handles the size of Nebraska, and his oh-so-ugly in-grown toenail...?

Frank Corvin: [interrupting] Or this son of a bitch with the chicken-gizzard neck and the face that looks like thirty miles of Death Valley fire trail?

Synopsis -

When a Russian satellite orbiting the Earth starts to veer off course. It seems like the guidance system in the satellite is of American origin. It's important to try and fix it before it comes into the atmosphere. The NASA man, Bob Gerson tries to find out who designed it and discovers that it was designed by Frank Corvin, an Air Force pilot who 40 years ago was part of the team who was originally suppose to go to space but when NASA was formed and Gerson's influence they were dropped. Gerson asks Frank to help but Frank still holds a grudge. But after some prodding he agrees but only if he and his team can go there so he can fix it. Gerson reluctantly agrees so Frank recruits his former team members, Tank Sullivan, Jerry O'Neill and Hawk Hawkins to join him. After some strenuous tests, they're cleared. And they go up with two other astronauts and check out the satellite and discover that they weren't told the whole truth.

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