SOTD - Men's Health Week: Judas Priest

This week we’re highlighting Men’s Health Week (12th to the 18th of June). As this year’s focus is on reducing belly fat because of the health concerns of having a waist over 37”, our own gym bunny Reece Morris-Jones will be providing some tracks you can add to your workout playlist...

It's Friday. Which means it’s time to finish the week on a bang. What better way than some prime Priest from back when brummie legend Halford still had his hair?

If the driving rhythm doesn't get you going and ready to work up a sweat, then perhaps the angelic vocals will. Or maybe even the guitar work - some of the finest ever put to wax - will get your pulse pounding. Ready for those push-ups yet? Are your pecs piqued at the thought of exercise driven by this song?

If so, good. It proves you happen to be alive and have excellent taste. Now, as I said, it's Friday - go kick out a quick workout and then enjoy the run up to your weekend. We'll be back with more over the next two days that will keep your heart pounding and remind you why you decided exercise was a good thing in the first place.

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