The GOAT - US Sports Films: THE FINAL FOUR

Steve Taylor-Bryant announces The Final Four in our quest to find the Greatest Of All Time movie based on US Sports and tells you how to VOTE for your favourite and maybe WIN A PRIZE!...

So "the people" have spoken. Not real people like you, I'm talking about the annoying ones in the office with their "stop farting on my desk" and the "Steve put your trousers on, that's highly inappropriate". They have viewed the class sports movies I put up for the vote, and the sort of okay ones Nate's girlfriend picked for him, and have given you The Final Four to vote on.

The four are -


Field of Dreams (put up by both Steve and Nate's carer)


Any Given Sunday (Steve's pick)


White Men Can't Jump (neither I nor Nate nor Nate's family picked this one as their top pick but we're going to let it run whilst I seek legal advice)

Other Sports

Rocky (Nate's girlfriend fancies Stallone more than Nate, pass it on)


So what do we need you for? We need you to head over to our Twitter page and vote in the Twitter poll for your favourite sports film from the four "the people" have chosen. Tag @TheDreamCage in a tweet to say you have voted and one random voter among you will get picked after the vote closes to win some sports film related DVDs. Obviously a win for one of my picks means I'm better than Nate and, since I'm in charge of petty cash, amongst all other pettiness, a win for me will make more generous with the prizes! [This generosity may be a lie - Ed]

The big Yank, Nate if he's allowed out to play, will be back after the vote to talk about the winning film. I'll be in my gold plated bar drinking pints of his tears.


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