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With It riding high in the box office ratings, Netflix have chosen a different Stephen King novella for their latest film. Watch the trailer for 1922...

"Life is rarely fair."

The Dark Tower, Gerald's Game and, of course, It have made 2017 the year of the Stephen King Adaptation and Netflix are upping their game again with a lesser known story from King's 2010 collection Full Dark, No Stars.

1922 is based on Stephen King’s 131-page story telling of a man’s confession of his wife’s murder. The tale is told from from the perspective of Wilfred James, the story’s unreliable narrator who admits to killing his wife, Arlette, with his son in Nebraska. But after he buries her body, he finds himself terrorized by rats and, as his life begins to unravel, becomes convinced his wife is haunting him.

Thomas Jane (known for The Mist - yet another King adaptation) stars as Wilfred James with Molly Parker (Deadwood, House of Cards) as his wife Arlette.

When asked about how he came to make the film, director and screenplay writer Zak Hilditch said "It was while trying to finance my previous Australian film These Final Hours back in 2011 when I first stumbled across “Full Dark, No Stars” (one of the bleakest, most amazing titles I can recall). Being a King fan, I bought it and read it immediately. The first of the four stories was 1922. It completely blew me away. It transported me to another time and place. I found Wilfred to be such a compelling and conflicted character. A very relatable, flawed man who has done something so shockingly messed up and certainly pays a price in more ways than one. It felt like a Frank Darabont film. Never in a million years did I think I’d be in a position to translate it to the screen."

1922 will drop on Netflix on 20th October, just in time for Halloween.

Image - Netflix
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