Gaming - Let's Play Samurai Riot Part 5: Kingston Town

The Defective Inspector... er... Defective Samurai doesn't trust generosity in part 5 of his Let's Play video for Samurai Riot...

"Rules of games - if you're given a large amount of things just before a screen changes... it's going to get harder"

Samurai Riot is an addictive, 2D, side scrolling, beat’em up inspired by 90’s classics, with original co-op features and a multi-branching, moral decision making, storyline leading to eight different endings. Take on the role of Sukane, an enigmatic Ninja who fights alongside with Azu, the fox - who can transform into weapons; or Tsurumaru, a loyal samurai with a katana and a bunch of grenades, and set off on an adventure in a hand-painted 2D universe immersed in Japanese mythology. Would you rather kill the rebel leader or betray your master and join the revolution?

In Part 5 the Defective Samurai vandalises phone boxes for rewards, hears stomping and ... what the HELL IS THAT?!

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Image - Wako Factory

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