SotD - Lucky for Some

An antidote for all the triskaidecaphobes out there as Susan Omand throws some lucky tunes your way...

Early on in my life, someone I heard proclaiming that they didn’t believe in the superstitious nonsense surrounding the bad luck date of Friday 13th subsequently got a load of rocks through the windscreen of their car as they were driving on, yes, Friday 13th (true story) so I’ve always had a huge amount of respect for the day and its dealings. I also never walk under ladders, I throw spilled salt over my shoulder and I cross my fingers if I discover I have put something on the wrong way round. I guess I’m “just careful” like that; there’s no point in pushing your luck after all - and it’s also really difficult to change your clothes while your fingers are crossed.

Anyway. Today being “that day” I thought we should surround ourselves with lucky things – black cats, white heather, four leafed clovers, horseshoes and rabbits feet – still, of course, attached to said lucky bunny. And a short playlist, in no particular order, of songs about luck, just for good measure.

The Verve – Lucky Man

Daft Punk – Get Lucky

Frank Sinatra – Luck be a Lady

Madonna – Lucky Star

and... KYLIE - yes, it’s an earworm. But it’s a lucky earworm. A lucky, lucky, lucky earworm.

Good Luck!

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