SotD - Somewhere over the Theremin

Our favourite Italian thereminers are at it again. This time, Decostruttori Postmodernisti discover they're not in Kansas any more...

This is what they said about the new video on Facebook (go like their page HERE):

There are things you will always love. One of them is Oz's Wizard, with that dreamy atmosphere that suits the Postmodernist Deconstructors. A story of witches who felt better before hurricanes, tinned men with bad habits, lions who lost their wool and scarecrow killers. From the Emerald City, a piece that will bring you children, dreaming fantastic travels with Dorothy and her so charming friends.

There's so much to love about the video, especially the switch between black and white and Glorious Technicolor, as well as the humour with which they play the song. And, even though they hail from Peruggia rather than the Italian capital, we can't resist the pun...

There's no place like Rome!

Image - Official Facebook Page

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