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Prepare for the epic conclusion to the addictive crime thriller trilogy by Barbra Leslie as Unhinged is released on Friday by Titan Books...

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Danny used to smoke crack cocaine. But two years ago her sister was murdered and Danny was flung into a wild chase across North America in pursuit of the murderer and his acolytes. Following a tumultuous stint in rehab, Danny and her family have finally found sanctuary: in a converted factory in downtown Toronto decked out in the most advanced security available. Danny is clean, running a gym, and finally free to enjoy quality time with her nephews.

But when the boys’ father turns up one night, beaten to a pulp and with the name of a stripper on his lips, Danny is tangled into a series of secrets that will lead her to the final showdown and a discovery of the ultimate betrayal…


Barbra Leslie studied film and theatre at York University, then English at the University of Toronto. In addition to the Cracked trilogy, she has published numerous stories in literary magazines, a novel, Nerve, and a screenplay for straightedge films. She’s been a marketing manager for a major Bay Street law firm, a court reporter, and criminal law issues officer for a government ministry. Follow her on Twitter @barbrajleslie

Unhinged comes out on 24th November.

Image - Titan Books

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