Audio Poem - The Yule Log Man

Listen to the poem that inspired today's short story  - The Yule Log Man as told by R A Kennedy...

The Yule Log Man

By R. A. Kennedy

Jory Tregory,
The Yule-log man,
On Christmas morn
He roams this land

Those not in choirs
Or vow not to sing
Are put into pies
And sold for two shillings.

Pinecone hands
And a body of logs,
Tied with string
And pocket-watch cogs,

With no mouth for smiling,
His eyes are like coal.
He has no nose
Just a face with a hole.

He straightens his hat,
A nightcap of red
with sprigs of holly,
And dreams of the dead.

He carries an umbrella
And an old biscuit tin
And musical Molly
The battered mandolin.

Leaving his home
Deep in the wood
In search of cheer
And figgy pud.

A cross of chalk
Upon the door
As to who has been naughty
Out of both rich and poor.

On a cart made of bones
Pulled by a white mule
A macabre percussion
Upon every Yule.

He dances and hops
In the winter snow
The bells on his feet
Ring as he goes.

Rapping on windows,
Hopping through gates,
What child has been naughty? 
And whose child is awake?

Then Jory Tregory
Strums Molly’s strings,
As the wind whistles
And he kicks the biscuit tin.

The naughty children
Who refuse to sing
Peer out their windows
To take a look at him.

The sound of Molly
Lead them to the cart.
The songs that are ne'er sung
Like the children depart.

So to all good children,
As well you know,
Across width and breadth
Of our fair Kernow,

Sing loud and proud 
In your best nightgown.
Merry Christmas!
And Nadelik Lowen!

© R A Kennedy 2017

Read by: R A Kennedy