Audiobook - Richard Carpenter's Robin of Sherwood

Spiteful Puppet announce the release of four brand-new tales of rip-roaring audiobook adventures based on the classic 1980’s television series Robin of Sherwood...

Way back in the mists of, well, 18 months or so ago we told you about the resurrection of the classic series Robin of Sherwood in audio format. The result then was the Knights of the Apocalypse full cast drama (read VentSpleen's review here) which left fans excitedly clamouring for more. Now Spiteful Puppet has released FOUR short audiobooks of completely new Robin of Sherwood stories, each narrated by a member of the original cast and brought to life with superb original scoring from Arpeggio Creative and sound design by Joseph Fox and RJ Bayley, all under the very capable guidance of director/producer Barnaby Eaton-Jones.

Here's a bit more about each story:

Written by Jennifer Ash
Narrated by JUDI TROTT (Maid Marian)
Sound Design: Joseph Fox

(Set during Series Three, just prior to ‘The Time of the Wolf’)

Robin is angered by the Sheriff’s new people tax… but his rage is nothing compared to that of Will Scarlet when he hears Alwin mutter the name, D’Marelle. For Will and the recruiter have met before… many years ago…

Written by Jennifer Ash
Narrated by MICHAEL CRAIG (Earl of Huntington)
Sound Design: Joseph Fox

(Set pre-Series One, before ‘Robin Hood and the Sorcerer’)

David realised why his offspring behaved in the way he did. After all, Robert of Huntingdon was Mathilda’s son. He was her legacy. The moment couldn’t be put off any longer. It was time to tell his son the story of how the Earl had met Robert’s mother…

Written by Iain Meadows
Narrated by PHIL ROSE (Friar Tuck)
Sound Design: RJ Bayley

(Set during Series One, after ‘Seven Poor Knights from Acre)

On the run and desperate for help, Brother Michael offers Robin and the outlaws the chance to secure a fortune in gold. If Robin is to get his hands on it, he must face betrayal and an enemy who is every inch his match…

Written by Iain Meadows
Narrated by NICKOLAS GRACE (The Sheriff of Nottingham)
Sound Design: Joseph Fox

(Set during Series Three, after ‘The Cross of St. Ciricus’, and acts as a prequel to ‘The Knights of the Apocalypse’)

The Hooded Man will face an adversary who is playing a long game, one that will see Herne’s son fulfil a destiny and set blood against blood in more ways than one…

Creative Director Barnaby Eaton-Jones said “It was a genuine thrill to produce and direct these four brand-new stories of adventure, in audiobook form. The late Richard Carpenter, who wrote and created the original series, had an uncanny knack of marrying historical facts with medieval fantasy – all wrapped up in proper adventure yarns. I am delighted to have been able to bring such a diverse range of narrators to the fore from the original series, who all immensely enjoyed telling their tales.”

Making an ideal last minute Christmas present, all four audiobooks are released this month and are available for a special price of £5.99 as digital downloads direct from the website at

Television series Robin Of Sherwood © HTV/Goldcrest Films & Television 1983. Created by Richard Carpenter, with grateful thanks to his Estate.
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