Comic - white NOIR #1

White NOIR #1

white NOIR #1 sees Steve Taylor-Bryant finally sit down and read some Matt Garvey after all these years...

I read quite a lot of indie and small press comics, it’s been my way back into the comics world after a couple of decades of not reading any, and the one thing I love most is that you never know what you’re going to get until you read it. Over the years I’ve jotted down names of writers and artists that have been recommended to me but I’m rubbish at keeping things where I can find them so, many times, I’ve wanted to check out a writer or a particular art style and I’ve forgotten who I’m looking for. One of these names that kept popping up over the years is Matt Garvey, a man I met many years ago at the Nottingham Comic Convention, who was so passionate about comics but whose work has escaped my attention because I keep forgetting where I put the damn notebook containing his name. Enter my new bible, the Comichaus app, and their wonderful prompt of books to read on the homepage that sparks my memory back into action. Finally I get to read a Matt Garvey comic, his new one I believe, white NOIR #1.

A car crash, a blizzard and a stranger wanders into town...nothing is what it seems.

White NOIR #1

From the stunning cover to the final panel the art from Dizevez is beautiful. More renaissance painting than superhero gloss, the artistic style compliments a slow building but riveting story perfectly. From the dark panels within the dimly lit bar to the sharp light of the snow every aspect of every panel is drawn and coloured like the guys had made this book just for my taste palate. The story builds slowly but holds your attention and includes characters who you begin to want know more about as little snippets of back story slip out or, as you’re reading, you just get a feeling in your gut that there’s another level to these characters yet to come. The half dead guy at the beginning might start the story but by the time it finishes you want to know more about the Sherriff, that I can promise you.

As a first issue white NOIR is the perfect set up for a rich and intriguing story to come with perfect art throughout. If I have to find a flaw, and it’s my job to try, I read the comic on a mobile device which meant I struggled with the lettering slightly. It seemed too small and in places it was without its speech bubble and the text disappeared into the darker elements of the art. I’m sure this is more my eyesight and choice of reading device than it is anything else but if your tired and old eyes are like mine it may effect your enjoyment but only slightly.

white NOIR #1 is a brilliant introduction release to what I’m sure will be a large and epic tale and it’s available on your Comichaus app now.

You can find white NOIR #1 on the Comichaus App.

Image - mattgarvey.bigcartel
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