Review - The Christmas Album

Since it's the season for it Neil Gardner, and a very festive Bob the Hat, fill your ears with Christmas cheer with a fun video review of Now That's What I Call Music, the Christmas Album...

... and, as a special festive bonus, at the end, you'll get to hear a song from a few years ago that Neil co-wrote and sang on, I Don't Want Floppy Gifts for Christmas. Don't say we're not good to you (at least it's not socks)!

Many thanks to Neil Gardner for allowing us to raid his Listening Nook this year. You can find lots more of his vinyl verdicts at  and find Neil on Twitter @HokusBloke

I Hope I Don't Get Floppy Gifts for Christmas:
Written by Paul Garner & Neil Gardner
Performed by Paul Garner, Neil Gardner, Neil Bentley, Tim Page, B97 Crew, Yamaha Crew
Recorded at The Bunkers, Bedford, 1994
Thanks to B97/Chiltern Radio & all who helped make it possible.

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