Podcast - Was This Always Weird: Bad Boys

With some NSFW language, Cody Dearing and Matt Stoner from Austin, Texas break down the hilarious, upsetting and unusual things about a popular movie from the past. This time, whatcha gonna do but listen as they talk about Bad Boys...

Michael Bay's feature film directorial debut sees Will Smith and Martin Lawrence get 72 hours to find $100 million worth of heroin stolen from evidence before Internal Affairs shuts them down. And then a witness to a murder gets kidnapped...

This is "solid buddy cop cheese" that is "so yellow it has to be Miami" but "well worth the $2" from Blockbusters. Or you could just listen to the podcast (complete with a side-track about talking to Mexican food while on the toilet... don't ask)

Find more WTAW Weirdness at their website at http://wasthisalwaysweird.libsyn.com/

Image - WTAW/IMDb

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