SotD - Comedy Day

Because it's Comedy Day over on The DreamCage, Susan Omand chooses one of her favourite funny songs for today's Song of the Day...

Funny songs. From A Musical Joke by Mozart to the Music Hall bawdiness of the Victorian era, the cleverness of Gilbert and Sullivan operettas to the surrealism of the Goons, the gentle fun of Bernard Cribbins and the nostalgia of Billy Connolly, the silliness of songs for kids to the edginess of some of today's "comedy" songs, music and humour have always gone together. So there are many (many many) lists of "Best Funny Songs" if you go looking on the interwebs. And, believe me, I did. I read the lists, nodded and smiled at a few on there but there wasn't really one that made me LOL (to use the contemporary vernacular) so I was somewhat at a loss as to which one to pick for a good Comedy Song of the Day... until I remembered this one.

Bill Bailey is a genius.

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