Gaming - Monthly Activity Report: April 2018

The Defective Inspector may need more fans as his monthly indie gaming report returns...

Back in February 2017 I decided to talk about the many facets of the vast gaming while also doing another full-time job on the side was just too much for my feeble little mind to handle. Today I’ve decided to bring sexy back but, instead of the seductive dance in my underwear, I am going to take a different approach, probably involving fans. Tossing aside the creepy metaphor, these reports will be a way of introducing games that have recently piqued my interest or even a crowd funder game in need of attention. Long and short, I get to be a fickle little bugger and point you towards my favourite meme should you have any concerns/questions.


The game calls itself a “unique tower defense game. Where you design and build your defense block by block. With many component that can be combined for different effect. To survive in a hostile world”. From the footage it looks like an interesting mixture of RTS and TD which brings the genre back to its roots. The most important thing I’d love is the customisation and the potential for workshop modding. It’s early access but if you have any interest click here.

They Are Billions

This one has been around since December 2017 but needs a mention. I personally tried it out via Twitch and Let’s Play sessions and even paid for the privilege from my own pocket. The most recent update for this early access delight was the soundtrack getting a supreme revamp and it is beautiful. If you want to see the what the fuss is all about please click here as we are part of the Humble Partner scheme.

For The King

For The King just rolled out of Early Access in April and I am glad to see if complete. I like the idea of a pseudo-table top game mixed with roguelike elements. Mix in some online multiplayer and whimsical graphics and folk music I can’t help but be interested. Should you too be interested… Well you know

Crowdfunding: Faeland

Here are some phrases I love to see in a crowd funding advert…

“Enhanced 16-Bit”
“We won't stop until its release”

There is a lot to like about this game and the trailer does say it all. Follow the trail to the Kickstarter and join in the fun.

That’s all this month and, as always, I refer to the field.

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