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The Defective Inspector opens a new case file for the demo of Tireless from The Cyber Clan...

I’m getting into a bit of a kick, I am trying out a lot of Indie Game demos because… Well why the hell wouldn’t I? Recently I was given a link for the game Tireless, a speed running blocky platformer made through the Unreal Engine. The demo is shallow, like most indie demos, but it has told me a few things worth talking about right out of the gate.

The music is fantastic, relaxed and futuristic it could easily slide into most AAA titles without anyone blinking an eyelid. It is advertised as a “The FUTURE of MINECRAFT” but that’s not fair at all. Besides being blocky it is nothing much like MineCraft at all. It’s a speed runner, and so toss aside thought of punching trees. I love the adrenaline cube, it works too perfectly for the game and I recommend anyone try out the demo to see why…. Or at least watch the video. It says more about the game than my meagre words ever could.

Overall Tireless is a game worth keeping an eye on for the full release. While there is no certainty it will be fantastic, the level designs will really define the success of this particular title, there is a lot of potential for a genuinely fun fast paced indie title.

Visit This Link to download the demo for FREE and try it yourself.

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