SotD - Gozer Goodspeed

A little bit of sunshine and music to celebrate that we've all successfully made it to the end of another working week, listen to a  new live performance of Gozer Goodspeed's Survivor by Habit...

The song is from his Impossible to Pick Up EP (read Steve's review of the whole EP here), and this live version was recorded as part of a newly-released interview Gozer Goodspeed did last year with Matt Calder of indie music YouTube channel BalconyTV Exeter. When we caught up with Mr Goodspeed earlier this week, there were rumours of a new single, an EP, and maybe more, in the works! Watch this space for more news as we get it because (and I quote) there's "World Domination coming late 2019"... you have been warned.

Image - Gozer Goodspeed

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