Book - The Hatteme Tales

Pegasus Publishers have announced the release at the end of February of The Hatteme Tales, the debut children's fantasy adventure from Vicki Baxter...

Press Release

Hatteme is a magical world before our world, but one which is under threat by evil enemies.

Miracle twins are born, as has been foretold. When they reach the age of eleven, they set out on their quest to overcome the powerful creatures in the underworld.

Will they succeed in being the saviours of Hatteme?


Vicki Baxter lives at home by the Cornish coast with her husband, two daughters and cat. Following her graduation with a Leisure Management and Sports degree, Vicki has experienced a varied career as a tennis coach, a prison custody officer in a young offender institute, and is currently serving a fifteen-year sentence as a sales representative in the confectionery market. Vicki is always active, and always juggling. Trying to find that perfect balance between working and mummy life. Some call it multi-tasking!

Vanguard Press, an imprint of Pegasus Publishers, will publish The Hatteme Tales on February 28th. You can pre-order the book now direct from the publisher HERE.

Image - Pegasus Publishers
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