Book - This Body's Not Big Enough for Both of Us

Titan Books announce the publication this month of the latest novel from Edgar Cantero, This Body's Not Big Enough for Both of Us...

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From the New York Times bestselling author of Meddling Kids comes a mind-blowing, gender-bending, genre-smashing romp through the entire pantheon of action and horror...

An office door bears the names of A. Kimrean and Z. Kimrean, Private Eyes. Behind the door there is just one desk, one chair and one scrawny, androgynous detective. A.Z., as they are collectively known, are twin brother and sister. He’s pure misanthropic logic, she’s wild hedonistic creativity. The Kimreans have been locked in mortal battle since they were in utero… which is tricky because they literally share one single body. That’s right. One body, two pilots. 

Someone is murdering the sons of a drug cartel boss in the biggest baddest town in California – San Carnal. A.Z. Kimrean must go to the sin-soaked streets, infiltrate the boss’s inner circle, and find out who is targeting his heirs. Plus rescue an undercover cop in too deep, deal with a plucky young stowaway, and face every plot device and break every rule Elmore Leonard wrote before they can crack the case. 

This Body's Not Big Enough for Both of Us is a subversive and comic thriller celebrating Die Hard, Fast & Furious, and the worst case of sibling rivalry that can only come from the mind of Edgar Cantero.

Published by Titan Books, the novel comes out in paperback on 19th February

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