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You know how we all at The DreamCage (OK, me, it's just me - Ed) love a good stats sheet when it comes to movies? With the re-mastered film back in cinemas from tomorrow to celebrate its 40th anniversary, here's some stats we got sent about ALIEN...

(yes we're adding this first one ourselves... 1 - the only film retrospective article worth reading is by Ren Zelen and can be found HERE)

Now on with the real stats...

3 Words – That sold the script to the studio: “Jaws in space”

3 Hours 12 Minutes – The duration of the original cut of the film

4 Cats – The number of cats that played Jonesy in the film

4 Minutes – The full screen time of the Xenomorph (yes really, that's all in the original film)

5 Directors – That were considered before they found Ridley Scott

7 Feet 2 Inches – The height of Bolaji Badejo in his one and only role playing the titular monster

26 Feet – The height of the Space Jockey prop

130 Eggs – The number of prop Alien eggs made

$38,461 – The average made per cinema by Alien on opening weekend in 1979, totalling $3.5 million

$4.2 million – The original budget of the film, which was doubled after Ridley Scott storyboarded his ideas

Bonus fact for awards season –

26 - Alien is a member of the exclusive club of only 26 horror films that have ever won an Oscar

And finally...

273 Cinemas – That’s how many cinemas will be showing Alien’s 4K restoration and re-release in cinemas from 1st March. Find out more HERE 

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