Film - Rise of the Viking

From the director of epic fantasy favourite Black Sails comes Rise of the Viking. Watch the latest trailer...

700 AD - a time of epic battles and bloodshed. Northern Europe is divided into two different worlds: above the rivers are the Frisians, the Saxons and the Danes. Below the rivers, the Franks hold sway. The Franks want to do what even the Romans never managed: conquer all of Europe, and they are deploying a new weapon to subjugate the heathens: Christianity.

Uniting a Viking army, Frisian warrior Redbad returns to his home soil to defend his people and battle Lord of the Franks, Pepin of Herstal. Rise of the Vikings is a quality historic saga based on ancient legends.

Known originally as Redbad and directed by Roel Reiné, the film stars Gijs Naber as the warrior Redbad and Breaking Bad's Jonathan Banks as Redbad's sworn enemy Pepin of Herstal, Lord of the Franks. It was shown as a four part mini-series last month in its native Netherlands.

Signature Entertainment presents Rise of the Viking on Digital HD 11th February and DVD 18th February 2019

Image - Signature Entertainment

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