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Will you find out what hides beneath the surface? Titan Books announce the publication next month of Green Valley by Louis Greenberg...

Press Release

Part Black Mirror, part True Detective, Green Valley is a gripping science fiction thriller from one half of the bestselling S.L. Grey author partnership.

Stanton is no ordinary city: invasive digital technology has been banned, by public vote. No surveillance state, no shadowy companies holding databases of information on private citizens, no phones tracking their every move.

Only one place stays firmly anchored in the bad old ways, in a huge bunker across town: Green Valley, where the inhabitants have retreated into the comfort of full-time virtual reality—personae non gratae to the outside world.

But when the bodies of young children bearing traces of nanotech start to turn up, the fractious boundary between the communities is placed at risk. Lucie Sterling has her own uneasy history with Green Valley and, when her own niece vanishes, it’s inside Green Valley – and beyond the ideal virtual world it presents – that she knows she will have to look to find her.

Louis Greenberg deftly explores the impact of technology on our lives in a tense and compelling narrative that offers up a possible glimpse of our future. As part of S.L. Grey, Greenberg gained legions of horror fans, and now in Green Valley he takes this sense of darkness and throws it through the prism of science fiction to create a commercial and timely novel that will allow new readers to discover his talent.

LOUIS GREENBERG is a renowned writer in his own right, having been shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writers Prize for his debut novel The Beggars’ Signwriters (Umuzi, 2007), but is perhaps more known for his work with Sarah Lotz as one half of internationally bestselling S.L. Grey. Green Valley is his first solo novel to be published outside his native South Africa. He is currently based in England.

Green Valley is published by Titan Books on 11th June 2019

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