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Rebellion has announced the brand new, limited edition hardcover collection, Nemesis the Warlock: The Early Heresies...

Press Release

Exclusive to the 2000 AD webshop and developed in conjunction with 2000 AD’s licensed publisher in France, Delirium, this hardcover edition of The Complete Nemesis the Warlock perfectly showcases the ground-breaking writing of Pat Mills and the stunning art by Kevin O’Neill, Jesus Redondo and Bryan Talbot.

There are only 250 English language copies of this limited edition English-language hardcover edition. Larger than previous paperback editions at 210mm x 280mm, it also features a 16-page colour cover and Star Scan gallery.

With an introduction by Mills with afterword by O’Neill, this volume includes the following stories:

Terror Tube (2000 AD Prog 167), 
Killer Watt (2000 AD Prog 178) 
Nemesis the Warlock books 1-4 
  • The World of Termight (2000 AD Progs 238-240, 243-244) 
  • The Alien Alliance (2000 AD Prog 246-257)
  • The World of Nemesis (2000 AD Progs 335-349)
  • The Gothic Empire (2000 AD Prog 387-406) 
The Sword Sinister (2000 AD Sci-Fi Special 1981)
The Secret Life of the Blitzspear (2000 AD Annual 1983).

Nemesis the Warlock is one of 2000 AD’s most popular characters, an alien freedom fighter battling against the xenophobic genocide perpetrated by Torquemada, the diabolically evil leader of a human race that has retreated into vast caverns beneath the surface of the Earth, now renamed Termight.

Termight, a world at the heart of a cruel galactic empire. A world devastated by nuclear warfare. Deep below ground its inhabitants try to eke out a mere existence, continually threatened by the Terminators, lead by the diabolically evil Torquemada.

Torquemada, a twisted human despot intent on purging all alien life from the galaxy and punishing the deviants. The sinister motto – “Be pure! Be vigilant! Behave!” is one of the most recognisable slogans in comics and the strip, thanks to Mills’ mind-blowing inventiveness and O’Neill’s incredible art, continues to have a huge influence on comics even to this day.

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