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Rebellion has unveiled a special hardcover edition of political comics classic Third World War, featuring new scans of original artwork and a Carlos Ezquerra variant cover...

Press Release

One of the defining political comics of the 1980s - Third World War - is back in a brand new hardcover edition from Rebellion Publishing.

Exploding from the pages of mature comics title Crisis in 1988, Third World War by Pat Mills and Carlos Ezquerra was a searing political satire on capitalism, commercialisation, imperialism, and exploitation that still rings as true today as it did in the '80s.

Using brand new scans of the original artwork supplied by the family of the late Carlos Ezquerra, this ground-breaking comic book classic is being collected in its entirety for the very first time.

This definitive collection will be available in paperback from all good book and comic book stores in January 2020. A special limited edition hardcover is only available from the Treasury of British Comics webshop.

Even in our post-9/11 world, Third World War continues to resonate - truly anti-establishment graphic novel dealing with ever-more prescient issues around capitalism, the power of corporations, and global politics, and unlike anything else published by the Treasury of British Comics imprint so far.

Eve is unemployed after leaving university and is immediately conscripted as a soldier working for a corporation and discovers just how South American countries are being exploited to create food needed to feed the increasing population for their profit under the guise of western paternalism.

Running in Crisis from 1988-1990, and including work by Angie Kincaid and Matt "D'Israeli" Brooker, this definitive edition highlights the stunning painted colour artwork of Ezquerra, who died last year, and reinforces his place as one of the masters of comic book art.

Here are just a few of the interior pages. 

Images & info - Rebellion

Third World War is published on 9th January

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