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We're all used to gritty Scottish crime dramas from Edinburgh, Glasgow, even Shetland, but Dundee? Find out more about Traces, the six-part crime drama set in Dundee, which starts on Monday 9th December on Alibi...

When Emma Hedges (Molly Windsor) returns to Dundee to start her new job as a lab technician, she's encouraged to take part in an online course teaching the principles of forensic science. Given a fictitious murder case, her task is to identify the victim and establish how they died. But having completed the first module, Emma knows exactly who the victim is: her mum! Marie Monroe (Carly Anderson) was murdered when Emma was seven, her body discovered on Law Hill and no-one has ever been convicted. But why are Sarah Gordon (Laura Fraser), professor of chemistry, and Kathy Torrence (Jennifer Spence), professor of forensic anthropology, using her mother's case for their course?

Determined to discover what happened to Marie but unable to get answers from her family, Emma turns to Sarah who offers up trusted friend DI McKinven (Michael Nardone) as the natural place for Emma to take her revelations.

As Emma reconnects with her dad Drew (John Gordon Sinclair), her childhood friend Skye (Jamie Marie Leary) and her mum Izzy (Laurie Brett), while falling for the gentle and irresistible Daniel (Martin Compston), her sleuthing takes her into dark corners, unpicking more and more secrets, and it becomes clear that she should trust no-one. It will be Sarah and Kathy's exacting minds that reward Emma's faith in the science that has fuelled her imagination, and who will ultimately bring her mother's killer to justice.

Produced by RED Productions, the six part UKTV Original series was written by Amelia Bullmore (Scott & Bailey) and is based on an original idea by Val McDermid. Yes, that Val McDermid. So it's going to be good.

Here's the trailer.

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