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The nominees for this year's Gold Movie Awards were announced on Friday. Susan Omand takes a look at the main categories and picks her winners...

This year's nominees were announced by Karen Bryson MBE (Shameless, MotherFatherSon, Safe) alongside William Moseley (The Chronicles of Narnia, The Royals, The Silent Mountain). More than one thousand films were considered over all the categories from a broad range of film makers.

Also at the nominations event, awards co-creator Marco Recalchi announced the inception of a new GMA Film Academy to allow film makers to develop and improve their work, with four new seminars being announced, and he also introduced the concept of a GMA Expo as a place for film makers to show their films and meet distributors, which is something that Recalchi said was currently very difficult in the UK film market.

Going back to the nominations and, personally, it was good to see that Schemers, my favourite film of the Edinburgh Film Festival this year, has been nominated for Best Feature Film, along with a nod for David McLean as Best Director, and a favourite short film from this year, A Million Eyes, getting a couple of nods for Best Short, and Best Actor under 18 for the wonderful Elijah M Cooper. But the film that did best over all the nomination categories was the Ukrainian film Heroes and Cowards, getting five mentions over all.

The Gold Movie Awards were created by Italian director Marco Recalchi, actor and producer Jason Matthewson and Anthony Reolon in partnership with The Old Film Farm, Ikon Films and Skyup Academy. The GMA's exhibit the best in upcoming and seasoned filmmakers alike, providing a crucial platform to showcase their work and be awarded in a professional setting. The annual awards are now in their 3rd year and will be held on January 9th, 2020 at the Regent Street Theatre. Tickets for the ceremony are on sale now via the Gold Movie Awards website.

Below is a list of the Main Category nominations, you can find the rest on the Gold Movie Award website. Susan's choice for winner in the categories below is indicated by ** SHOULD WIN **


** SHOULD WIN ** “Schemers” by David McLean
“I Wrote This For You” by Jason Zavaleta
“Before The Dawn” by Jay Holben
“My Name Is Sara” by Steven Oritt
“Ray Meets Helen” by Alan Rudolph
“The Guardia Angel” by Arto Halonen


“Load Wedding” by Nabeel Qureshi
“Home Away” by Oliver Yan
“Bozkir Look At The Birds” by Mehmet Tanrisever
“Between Pain And Amen” by Toma Enache
** SHOULD WIN ** “Legend Of The Demon Cat” by Arthu Balder
“Mosh” by Juan Antonio Bisonó


“On Air” by Bastiaan Rook
“Sonntag” by Mariano Cabaco
“Talk” by Boulanger Romuald
“A Modern Magician” by Mark Heller
** SHOULD WIN ** “A Million Eyes” by Richard Raymond
“The Sea” by Cameron Richards


“Deny” by Alioune Binaté
“31st Of Decembers” by James Grimley
“Thicker Than Water” by Rachel Bass
“The Float” by Finn Callan
** SHOULD WIN ** “Icarus Rising” by Sara Hermann
“Clay” by Leonard Rääf


** SHOULD WIN ** “The Condor & The Eagle” by Sophie Guerra
“Campesino” by Mia Tate
“Aaron Durogati - Playing With The Invisible” by Matteo Vettorel & Damiano Levati
“Buried Seeds” by Andrei Severny
“Syria's Tent Cities” by Mira Hamour
“Indigenous: Fight For Survival” by Gary Rottger


​“Eva Simons - Avalon” by Anton Van Der Linden
“The Veronica's//Think Of Me” by Benn Jae
“Mountain” by Gabriel Thomas Ayache
** SHOULD WIN ** “Aaron Smith - Better Than You Loved Me” by Ross Syner 
“Feeling Exactly” by Grajper
“Lee Dewyze” by Stefano Bertelli


“Virtual Memory” by Julie Goldstein
“Dear Enemy - The Journey Of Bashir” by Arne Totz
** SHOULD WIN ** “The Avant-Gardener” by l. Katt, H. Matarazzo, J. Kipp & C. Byrd
“Behind The Door” by Marek Káčer
“New York Rhapsody” by Salvatore D'alia
“Void” by Lorenzo Gonnelli


“Love Possibly” by Michael Boccalini & Che Grant
“Humans Of Someone” by Sumesh Lal
“Hypnosis” by Grégoire Vaillant & Charles-Edouard Dangelser
“Lift” by Alexander Kaminer
** SHOULD WIN ** “#Stealth” by Inga Vosk
“Under The Crystal Dome” by Cristian Parras


“Abracadavers” by Morgan Ermter
“Oh My God!” by Ezgi Gundogdu
“Complacency” by Mark Riddle & Ximena Rios
“Blackbetty” by Marco North
“Location Scouts” by Christiaan Van Vuuren & Connor Van Vuuren
** SHOULD WIN ** “Strings Attached” by Peri Segel


​“Anacronte” by Raúl Koler
“Tacit Blue” by Wenkai Duan
** SHOULD WIN ** “Leopold, King Of The Belgians” by Cédric Vandresse
“Twelve Minutes Of Rain” by Fabio Teriaca

Main image - l-r Karen Bryson MBE, William Moseley, Jason Mathewson, Marco Recalchi ©Terry Scott
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