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We Didn't Start the Fire Billy Joel

Because we cannot stop him, and because he is holding the eggnog hostage, here is Steve Taylor-Bryant's present to you all - his version of Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire. We are so sorry, so very sorry. Happy Christmas...

Remember all those times over the last three decades where you rewrote the lyrics to Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start the Fire? What? What do you mean you didn’t? What did you do with those thirty years? Okay, apart from have successful lives and relationships and not need as much therapy as me? You all sicken me. Anyway, whilst myself and Susan have been immersed in the albums of 1989 for our yearlong retrospective, Billy Joel has always been in my heart, not least because 1989 was the release of his penultimate album Storm Front and from that album came We Didn’t Start the Fire, and for a few months now I have been trying to see if WDStF would work as just events from 1989 rather than spanning the entirety of the Cold War like Joel’s did. I’m telling you now Billy Joel deserves medals, this song writing malarkey is damn hard, but I had fun and as a Christmas treat, I thought I would ruin your holidays with my attempt at WDStF. Happy Christmas or [Insert Holiday Here].

Exxon Valdez, Keating Five, George Bush, internet’s alive, 

Purley Station rail crash, Lexus launch, Poll Tax, 

First liver transplant, Iceland ends beer ban, 

Russians leave Afghanistan, Bundy execution,

Tom Cruise Cocktail, Munchausen sets sail, 

Ron Brown’s DNC, Hungarian democracy,
Summer solstice Stonehenge, cold fusion, Batman, 

Stockton Schoolyard, Rushdie is a naughty man. 

We didn’t start the fire,

Billy Joel did in 1949,
We didn’t start the fire,
But now it’s 89,
And look mum my words rhyme. 

Dalai Lama peace prize, no more Bette Davis eyes, 

Guildford Four, voyager 2, Nicolae Ceausescu,
First commercial ISP, Phantom wins a Tony, 

Hirohito of Japan, Good Morning to Vietnam.

stealth bomber first flight, Tyson wins another fight, 

Stephen Hawking history, Tappan Morris mystery, 

Space shuttle goes military, Polish solidarity,

Seinfeld, Rainman, World Wide Web plan.

We didn’t start the fire,
Billy Joel did in 1949,
We didn’t start the fire,
But it’s now 89,
And look mum my words rhyme.

Revolution everywhere, Tanks in Tiananmen Square,
Botha’s out, de Klerk is in, South African election,
Markets crash, acid rain, singing in a human chain,
Earthquake in the Frisco Bay, Salvador Dali.

Passing of sir Edmund Leach, designer babies that’s a peach,
Hillsborough, the Marchioness, Gameboys now instead of SNES,
Berlin Wall coming down, Straight outta Compton,
A year’s events for us to see, now we all have Sky TV.

We didn’t start the fire,
Billy Joel did in 1949,
We didn’t start the fire,
But it’s now 89,
And it’s my dinner time...

All apologies to Billy Joel, Steve means well. [here's the original to try and make up for it - Ed]

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