Raturday - Playlist of the Day

If you're in need of some Rat themed music for this weekend's celebration, Marc Nash has just the playlist you need...

When we asked the team to come up with ideas for our Rat theme day, we expected a few articles (you can read some more over on The DreamCage) or maybe a top 5 list. As usual Marc Nash has gone above and beyond the call of duty with not only a fantastic Rat-related review, but also supplying a party's worth of rat-music too.

When he sent over his playlist he also said "And special mention for a song I cannot for the life of me remember title or band, but had the wonderful lyric 'My dog got rabies/Because it bit Rat Scabies'..."

So, if anyone can come up with a provable (either a video or audio) source for these song lyrics we'll send out a prize! Let us know if you do know.

On to the playlist then. Here's a list of all the songs on Marc's list with links to watch them individually but we've also bundled them all together into a YouTube playlist so you can get your Raturday party started.

Here's the Track Listing (select a title to play the individual track)

The Specials - Rat Race

Boomtown Rats - Rat Trap

Melvins - Rat Faced Granny

Howling’ Wolf - I Smell A Rat

Ramones - Eat That Rat

The Pogues - Gartloney Rats

Meat Puppets - Rat Farm

They Might Be Giants - Rat Patrol

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