Podcast - And Why Not? Robocop

Every episode, our podcasting Barry Norman, aka Stuart Mulrain, lets a guest choose a film to discuss, reminisce over and share why they love it. This week, Stuart and guests Dan Butcher and Andy Hanks clean up the streets of old Detroit ...

Welcome to series 2!

This episode, Stuart is joined by Robocop fans Dan Butcher & Andy Hanks to talk about the 1987 classic Robocop, their love of the film, the impact it had on them and more.

Also, a Note from Stuart's Notes: "This episode also sees the addition of the Bernard Pivot Questions used on Inside The Actors Studio, which will become a regular feature on the pod." Prepare for interesting sweary words and porcupines...

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Title music - Storytelling Man by Ruth's Curtain

Image - Stuart Mulrain/IMDb

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