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Life With Music Poster featuring Katie Holmes and Patrick Stewart

Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration apparently. Watch the trailer for Life With Music, starring Sir Patrick Stewart, Katie Holmes and Giancarlo Esposito...

Henry Field (Patrick Stewart) is an acclaimed concert pianist and one of the great virtuosi of his era. Upon returning to the stage after a prolonged absence, he finds himself suddenly afflicted with a severe case of stage fright. His once effortless play has abruptly turned into a self-conscious struggle of every bar. Old wounds have crept up on the master as he now fights to ward off artistic disaster.

Enter Helen Morrison (Katie Holmes), a music critic with a kindred spirit and a troubled past of her own. Helen believes she might hold the key to Henry’s return to form, but she must first overcome his defences and win his trust. As Henry’s condition starts to improve, the blossoming relationship takes an unexpected turn which could precipitate his downfall. Unless he finally faces his demons and the darker truth lurking beneath the glory of the stage.

Directed by Claude Lalonde, Life With Music (also known as Coda in some places) is out on Digital HD on 27th July thanks to Blue Finch Film Releasing.

Image - Blue Finch Film Releasing

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