COMPETITION - The DreamCage Challenge Cup 2020/21

The Fantasy Football league is back for another season and The DreamCage Challenge Cup is now OPEN for entries. Susan Omand explains more...

*blows whistle* Doo doo doo doo! dudoo doo doo doo, doo doo! dudoo doo doooo.

YAY it's August and... wait.

It's September.

[I wonder if that means Harry Kane will be able to score goals from the START of the season this year? - Ed]

To recap, the new number 19, Covid, arrived on these shores in the January transfer window and shows no signs yet of being shown the red card or even staying on the bench so I guess we'll all just have to make a few socially distanced changes to the fixture list, pretend that the crowd noise on the televised games actually works rather than listening to the coach swearing on the red button and hope that nobody on the teams is idiotic enough to go on holiday to Spain without telling the manager and then not quarantine after coming back [as if anyone would do such a thing - Ed]...

YES! We're back for another year of Fantasy Football Fun, where we all take it far too seriously, spending ages trying to buy enough strikers of any quality to fill the squad because there are no strikers of any quality just now [oooh controversial - Ed] and trying to guess whose team shirt is on a shoogly peg because, although the game season starts in September, the transfer window doesn't close til October.

Despite all the disruption to the second half of last year's season, The DreamCage Challenge Cup for 2019/20 was duly awarded (well, posted out in a suitably disinfected box) to last year's worthy winner Marc Nash, so he's the manager to beat this year.

And beat him you could because, as usual, we're opening the league up to you too. The overall winner of the League at the end of the season will get a very nice prize - The DreamCage Challenge Cup! Well, it's a mug really, which is bigger than a cup and therefore better. (Our excuse and we're sticking to it.)

Below is the league code if you want to join in the fun.  We're using the official Fantasy Premier League site at and you will need to log in or register and set up your team before you can join the league.  If you were in the league last year and set up a team this year again, you should be automatically added, but if you're new to all this then you'll need the code below to make sure you're taking part (the letters are in lower case):


The DreamCage Challenge Cup league will be closed off on Saturday 12th September at 11:00 BST and only people who have joined our league before that cut off time will be eligible for our competition. The prize will be sent out at the end of the  season to the winner.

Good luck!

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