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All bets are off as acting veteran Tsai Chin swindles a ruthless gang in the wildly chaotic crime-ridden comedy Lucky Grandma which comes to Digital HD in November thanks to Signature Entertainment. Watch the trailer...

Press Release

Fast-paced and full of heart, laughs and wicked black humour set in the belly of New York’s Chinatown, Lucky Grandma tells the story of a cardigan clad, chain-smoking Chinese grandma who, in an attempt to get some cash, goes all in at a casino but lands herself on the wrong side of luck and the law. Having gambled away more than just chips after stealing money from a dead criminal boss, ‘Grandma’ hires a rival gangland bodyguard to protect her from a band of violent crooks who are hot on her tail and ready to reclaim the loot.

With a film career stretching back to the fifties, actor Tsai Chi starred alongside Christopher Lee in the cult favourite Fu Manchu film series, was a Bond girl alongside Sean Connery in You Only Live Twice, and starred in the ground-breaking portrayal of the lives of Chinese-American women, The Joy-Luck Club, but the revered veteran has arguably never been better than as the titular Lucky Grandma, in this frantic crime comedy written and directed by Sasie Sealy.

Signature Entertainment presents Lucky Grandma on Digital HD on 6th November

Image - Signature Entertainment
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