CLotD - Christmas Light Show of the Day

It's Saturday. You have about half an hour to spare. Grab a cup of mulled something (or coffee) [can you mull coffee? - Ed] and watch a Christmas lightshow that got even our Grinchy Susan Omand feeling festive ...

It's amazing what you can find on the interwebs! [Note to Susan - remember to delete your search history! - Ed]. If you know me at all, you know I'm usually incredibly bah humbug about this time of year BUT I got sent this the other day and it is absolutely BRILLIANT!

Seriously, there's this person called Tom BetGeorge who seems to post videos of his outdoor Christmas light shows every year. Usually it's just a song or two (yes, the lights are synchronised to music) but this year, because of COVID restrictions, he has posted the whole 35 MINUTE show online. With eight songs and cracking compering by four Christmas trees (you'll see what I mean when you watch) it's the most fun and festive entertainment I've seen since that google search for Kurt Russell as Santa gave me some pictures I wasn't quite ready for....


If you don't have time to watch the whole thing, although I highly recommend you do, here's a list of where to find the songs:

1:01 - Polar Express (Theme from The Polar Express)

5:29 - Blinding Lights (The Weeknd)

9:37 - Take On Me (a-Ha)

13:47 - Titanium (David Guetta ft. Sia)

18:21 - Avengers Remix (ApproachingNirvana)

22:39 - Santa Shark

26:27 - Amazing Grace (The Five Strings ft. Alex Boye)

30:59 - Candy Cane Lane (Sia)

Tom's YouTube video description says "I made this show as a free event for the community and as fundraiser for the McHenry House, a local family shelter here in Tracy, California." so we'd like to suggest you give or share too:

Info on McHenry House: 
Donation and info link for Brighter Christmas:

Oh, and Nate McKenzie, if you're reading this, there's confirmation, at 00:30 in, that Die Hard is NOT a Christmas Movie! If a speaking Christmas Tree says it, it must be true!

Subscribe to Tom BetGeorge on YouTube for more festivities from previous years.

Image - YouTube

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