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"A transatlantic mystery filled with strange goings-on, odd objects and books with a little bite." Impending evil and mystery are at the heart of the second Iris Wildthyme & Friends audiobook adaptation, out now from Big Finish...

Press Release

666 Charing Cross Road is written by Paul Magrs and narrated by beloved Doctor Who actress Louise Jameson. This transatlantic tale takes listeners from the dusty vaults of a famed bookshop to a museum with the strangest centrepiece – and under the surface, something is waiting, ready to be released...

This is the second release of the Iris Wildthyme & Friends collection, comprising five audiobooks all set in the worlds of Iris Wildthyme and due to be released throughout 2021. All are adaptations of the novels by writer Paul Magrs originally published between 2011 and 2017.

New Yorker Elizabeth Bathory loves books, and when she is given the address of a very special bookshop in London, she writes to order herself a selection of paranormal romances and vampire fiction. But one book has a mysterious dark bloodstain marking the pages, and soon, New York finds itself infected with vampires. Only the Scottish Bride, an ancient effigy from the basement of the New York Museum of Outsider Art, and her new friends can stop it…

Narrator Louise Jameson said, “If you love the atmosphere of those unique bookshops, this one is for you! Exploring the eccentricity of New York and London, this tale leads you through a fiery underground labyrinth.”

Producer Xanna Eve Chown added, “We are really lucky that Louise has a home set-up which means she could record this during lockdown. She was our first choice to read this and Fellowship of Ink, as she has such a wonderful voice that really lends itself to these atmospheric stories. 666 Charing Cross Road is a great story – a real slow burn that builds to a horrifying crescendo – and a wealth of new characters to get to know, especially the mysterious Bessie...”  

Iris Wildthyme & Friends: 666 Charing Cross Road is now available as a digital download at £9.99, at

Big Finish listeners can also save money by pre-ordering Iris Wildthyme & Friends bundles, which include Fellowship of Ink and 666 Charing Cross Road for £16 (download only), or the yet-to-be-released Enter Wildthyme, Wildthyme Beyond and Iris Wildthyme and the Polythene Terror for £25 (download only), or ALL FIVE titles together for just £40 (download only).

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