SotD - Star Wars?


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

OK, maybe it was 1977 in New York, [same thing, surely? - Ed] a musician and record producer called Meco watched the newly released film Star Wars five times in the first two days of its release. By the end of the week he had seen it several more times and was obsessed with the idea of making a disco version of the score by John Williams. The film became a blockbuster, the Meco album a now-forgotten classic. 

"That's no moon"... nope, you're right, it's a glitter ball. May the Funk be with you...

Star Wars (15:49) LP side 1 track listing
"Title Theme"
"Imperial Attack"
"The Desert & the Robot Auction"
"The Princess Appears"
"The Land of the Sand People"
"Princess Leia's Theme"
"Cantina Band"
"The Last Battle"
"The Throne Room & End Title"

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