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Dr Brain, a new six-episode Korean-language Apple Original sci-fi drama series directed and executive produced by visionary filmmaker Kim Jee-woon, is set to premiere globally on Apple TV+ next month. Watch the trailer...

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The series follows a brilliant brain scientist Sewon (Lee Sun-kyun) who suffers a horrific personal tragedy when his family falls victim to a mysterious accident. Desperate to uncover what happened, he goes to extraordinary lengths to solve the tragic mystery by conducting “brain syncs” with the dead to access their memories for clues.

Dr Brain stars Lee Sun-kyun, best known to global audiences for his supporting role in the Academy Award-winning film “Parasite.” The series also stars Lee You-young, Park Hee-soon, Seo Ji-hye and Lee Jae-won.

Based on the popular Korean webtoon of the same name by Hongjacga, Dr Brain is written, directed and executive produced by Kim Jee-woon and marks the first Korean-Language series to debut on Apple TV+.

Executive producers also include Samuel Yeunju Ha and Jamie Yuan Lai for Bound Entertainment; Ham Jung Yeub and Daniel Han for StudioPlex; Joy Jinsoo Lee and Min Young Hong for Kakao Entertainment; and Antonio H.W. Lee. Kim Jin A and Koh YoungJae also write. The series is produced for Apple TV+ by Bound Entertainment, Kakao Entertainment, StudioPlex and Dark Circle Pictures.

The sci-fi drama series will premiere with the first episode on Thursday, November 4th (Wednesday, November 3th in the U.S.), followed by one new episode weekly til December 10th.

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