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Now that American Thanksgiving and Black Friday are over and done with, IIIIIIT'S CHRISTMAS! Oh, yes it is. Have a listen to a brand new Christmas song from the artists of Lights And Lines record label, No Kiss Under the Mistletoe...

Press Release

No Kiss Under The Mistletoe is an award-winning Americana style Christmas song that looks at the festive period from an alternative point of view and is available to buy and stream on Bandcamp now.

Cardiff based roots songwriter Phil Thomas approached Lights And Lines earlier this year to talk about putting a collaboration together to perform this unique song that explores Christmas time from the perspective of a homeless veteran. After hearing the beautiful tune they jumped at the chance!

A heartwarming and thought-provoking song, No Kiss Under The Mistletoe tells the tale of a homeless veteran contemplating the upcoming holiday period from his makeshift home in a shop doorway. As he hears the sounds of church bells and children singing he reflects on childhood Christmases and looks ahead to his own plans for Christmas day.

No Kiss Under The Mistletoe is an award winning song, receiving a Commended Entry in the UK Song Writing Competition 2020, and a Four Star Rating in a category with hundreds of entries. The song has now been lovingly recreated by a collaboration of Lights And Lines affiliated artists performing as The Subway Choir in time for its full worldwide release. The single includes A and B Side mixes which reflect two slightly different arrangements [you can listen to the B Side remix here - Ed.]

Find No Kiss Under The Mistletoe on Bandcamp


Lyrics and Music written by Phil Thomas
Track 1 - Mixed By Adam and mastered by GRIM17
Track 2 - Mixed and mastered by GRIM17
Guitars and lead vocal performed by Kelly Kintner (The Kintners)
Backing vocals performed by Iona James
Banjo, Harmonica, and Stylophone performed by Orange G
Keys performed by Kev Sharp (This Might Be Music)
Artwork by Mike Five of Lights And Lines

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