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Saturday was Stranger Things Day... what do you mean you missed it? Here's a reminder of everything that happened...

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On November 6th, 1983, Will Byers went missing in Hawkins, Indiana. Long after the town gave up the search, his friends kept looking... and discovered a mysterious girl known only by a number: Eleven. She was alone, hunted, and extremely powerful. Eleven would stop at nothing to help them find their friend.

Today, Stranger Things fans everywhere celebrate November 6th as ‘Stranger Things Day,’ a special day to share their love for the series and this year was no different. There were Season 4 teases and exclusive content over the social channels, live fan experiences, and limited edition merchandise around the world.

Welcome to California with this teaser of the final locale for the upcoming season.

Explore the world of Stranger Things like never before with the first official map of Hawkins, created by artist Kyle Lambert:


and get a sneak peek at the Stranger Things 4 episode titles ahead of the Summer 2022 premiere.

There was also a US Retail Pop-Up Tour: Join Randy Havens (Mr. Clarke) on a tour of the first-ever Stranger Things pop-up stores now open in New York City’s Times Square and at The Americana at Brand in Los Angeles. These retail experiences will offer fans access to unique memorabilia and merchandise as well as the chance to journey through iconic show locations like Joyce’s house, the Palace Arcade, Starcourt Mall, the Russian Lab, the Upside Down, and Hawkins High.

An inside look at how to celebrate the day from some of the creators and collectors.

and Cast Transformations: From streetwear to stranger, watch the cast transform into their new looks for Stranger Things 4.

In the spring of 1986, the adventure continues. Stranger Things 4 returns to Netflix in Summer 2022.

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