#NotBaconBits - From Prince to...

Yesterday we played Little Red Corvette by Prince. So what song was chosen for today's #NotBaconBits connection? You can thank @RenZelen for this one...

As always for #NotBaconBits, once you've listened to today's choice, we're looking for your suggestions for tomorrow's track. Join in by tweeting us your suggestions @albiemediaAM with the #NotBaconBits hashtag or adding your suggestions in the comments of our #NotBaconBits Facebook posts - remember the link can be as simple or contrived as you want, in any music genre (it doesn't have to be classical or pop) and you can link to anything about the song - the title, the artist, words in the song, something about the video ... anything as long as you can explain how you got there and show your workings. If we pick your suggestion for the next song link in the chain, you'll get the credit in that day's article and shout outs on our social networking streams.

A superbly eclectic mix was put forward for songs connection to yesterday's #NotBaconBits. With @Wolfpaw36's suggestion yesterday of Prince, he followed it up with a beautiful song suggestion taking the rain as an inspiration and the much under-rated John Fogarty's songwriting in Creedence Clearwater Revival's Have You Ever Seen The Rain while @STBwrites went with Prince's own extensive songwriting and suggested Martika's Love... Thy Will Be Done. @JimJamGin very nearly won today with his Princely link to the 1980s band The Look and the stunning I Am the Beat

But @RenZelen came in from leftfield again with this:

"A corvette is a great car for racing. Bruce Springsteen wrote ‘Racing in the Street’ a ballad about how a man’s obsession with his car & drag racing ruins his relationship. In ‘88 Prefab Sprout wrote ‘Cars and Girls’ a song about Springsteen’s car/girl obsessions." She adds, "The somewhat more realistic point of view (and car-life metaphor) in that Prefab song always resonated with me more than some other examples, (much as I loved Bruce and Prince)."

So here we have it, today's #NotBaconBits song is Prefab Sprout and Cars And Girls from the album From Langley Park To Memphis ...

Now, it's your turn. What song would you link to that one? More cars? Something about Memphis maybe? Sprouts?? [well, they can be fairly musical in their own right - Ed] Let us know today and we may pick your #NotBaconBits connection suggestion tomorrow.

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