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A thriller by Abel Ferrara that stars Ethan Hawke? We're in. Watch the trailer for Zeros and Ones, which comes to Digital Platforms 7th March & DVD 4th April, thanks to Signature Entertainment ...

Press Release

Zeros and Ones is a high stakes, gritty and tense action thriller from legendary director Abel Ferrara (The King of New York, Bad Lieutenant) and starring Academy Award nominee Ethan Hawke (Training Day).

Called to Rome to stop an imminent terrorist bombing, soldier J.J. (Hawke) desperately seeks news of his imprisoned rebel brother, Justin (also Hawke), who holds knowledge that could thwart the attack. Navigating the capital's darkened streets, J.J. races to a series of ominous encounters, hoping to keep the Vatican from being blown to bits.

ZEROS AND ONES is a film of lockdown and war, danger and espionage, American soldiers, Chinese middlemen, middle eastern holy men, provocateurs, diplomats, rogue elements of the KGB, and the Mossad, informants, killers and rebels. Male or female interchangeable, allegiance and history fluid, where data and information last known, is the most valuable and only commodity. A casbah-esque landscape of noir streets, the feeling of Paris at the end of the occupation - but set in today’s postmodern, ancient and unchangeable Rome - the nights deserted except for the shadowy military and their operatives, paranoia and fear both masked and dangerous- all awaiting imminent attack. 

Piazza Vittorio, ground zero for the film. J. Jericho its hero, an American soldier armed with a video camera, service revolver and a surgical mask, he is of rank and privilege and deep within the inner circle of elite fellow officers who are the law among the lawless, their contacts and their informers. The central event is the destruction of the Vatican which will be blown into the night sky - the truth of this - and the fake news surrounding exactly who is responsible and why- is only part of the story. More important is JJ's own brother - the radical, the wanted revolutionary, the martyr, saviour and public enemy accused of pushing our world towards a final confrontation, one that will force all the players to finally choose a side then take a stand.

Signature Entertainment presents Zeros and Ones on Digital Platforms 7th March & DVD 4th April

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