Audiodrama - The Avengers – The Comic Strip Adaptations Volume 6: Steed & Mrs Peel

Avengers Assemble! No, not those ones. The iconic secret agents of the Swinging Sixties are back for more high-stakes espionage in a brand-new box set of The Avengers audio drama, out now from Big Finish Productions...

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Julian Wadham is back as the suave British spy John Steed, alongside his partner in crime Mrs Emma Peel, played by Olivia Poulet. The three action-packed full-cast adventures are adapted from the strips originally published in TV Comic.

The three thrilling tales in this volume are as follows:

Seven Deadly... Assassins by Roland Moore

Steed and Mrs Peel are on a cruise ship guarding a jewel, trapped with seven assassins who are after the gem... or are they?

Stand and Deliver by Sarah Grochala

Steed and Mrs Peel face a group of Highwaymen, and encounter a variety of different forms of espionage on their way. And they also have to be alert, as there is a spy at work within the organisation.

You Won’t Believe Your Eyes by John Dorney

In the English countryside, strange things are afoot, with sightings of dinosaurs, polar bears and lions. Steed and Mrs Peel go on the trail of a potential weapon... but will their eyes deceive them?

Julian Wadham said, “It's great to be back, and to return to the more familiar acting experience of actually being able to see your fellow performers. I really enjoyed coming back to some sort of sense of normality after lockdown.

“It’s a very easy pitch to sell The Avengers to people because I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t know of it. It’s one of those completely iconic programmes. It causes people to smile and there’s a tremendous amount of recognition and shared pleasure in it.”

Olivia Poulet added, “My reaction to reading this set was that it was going to be a romp. It’s one you can really imagine on screen. It’s very vivid and filmic, which makes it really fun to record. There are lots of fights, carnage and ludicrous moments.

“I think there’s something refreshingly daft about these scripts and this wonderful production of The Avengers. I think it’s a really enjoyably way to spend a couple of hours — I hope it is anyway — it certainly is to record them.

“Emma has such a wonderful repartee with Steed and I like that it’s a platonic relationship. She’s very much her own woman and not just in it as his sidekick. They’re kind of equals which I like.”

The superb cast ensemble also includes Zora Bishop (Coronation Street, The Bay, Angela Black), John Dorney (The Eighth of March 2: Protectors of Time), Wayne Forester (Elden Ring, Horrid Henry), Alasdair Hankinson (Falling for Figaro), Lucy Heath (Pragma, Better), Lara Lemon (Blackbird), Grant Masters (Silent Witness, Hollyoaks), Harry Myers (Midsomer Murders), and Jonny Weldon (The People We Hate at the Wedding).

The Avengers – The Comic Strip Adaptations Volume 6: Steed & Mrs Peel is now available to own as a collector’s edition 3-disc CD box set (+ download for just £19.99) or digital download for just £16.99, exclusively at

Big Finish listeners can save money by purchasing this box set and The Avengers – The Comic Strip Adaptations Volume 7: Steed & Tara King together in a bundle for £38 (CD box set + download) or £33 (download only).

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