Film - Wild Men

"If the Coen brothers made a film in Danish it might look a little like Wild Men." Blue Finch Film Releasing presents Wild Men in cinemas from 6th May. Watch the trailer...

Press Release

Martin (Rasmus Bjerg, Sons of Denmark) has fled his family and the modern world to head into the woods and live off the land, as his manly ancestors would have done… he even has a homemade Viking costume. His encounter with injured drug smuggler Musa (Zaki Youssef, Sons of Denmark) marks the start of a beautiful friendship spent evading cops, criminals and cold, hard reality, which his concerned wife (Sofie Gråbøl, The Killing) seeks to bring him back to.

Thomas Daneskov’s black comedy is a razor-sharp meditation on masculinity and mental illness in modern times, shot through with comic moments and set amid the spectacular scenery of the Norwegian wilderness.

Image - Blue Finch Film Releasing
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