TV - The Pentaverate

On 5th May, from the manic mind of Mike Myers, comes a Netflix comedy series event - The Pentaverate. Watch the full trailer...

What if a secret society of five men has been working to influence world events for the greater good since the Black Plague of 1347? As this new series begins, one unlikely Canadian journalist finds himself embroiled in a mission to uncover the truth and just possibly save the world himself. Remember, the Pentaverate must never be exposed!

The six episode comedy series stars Mike Myers as eight mad characters:
  • Ken Scarborough, An Canadian news journalist who sets out to expose the Pentaverate and win his job back.
  • Anthony Lansdowne, A New England conspiracy theorist who is determined to expose the Pentaverate.
  • Rex Smith, A far-right radio host, and highly prominent conspiracy theorist.
  • Lord Lordington, The Pentaverate’s oldest and highest-ranking member.
  • Bruce Baldwin, a former media mogul.
  • Mishu Ivanov, an Ex-Russian oligarch.
  • Shep Gordon, a former rock ‘n’ roll manager.
  • Jason Eccleston, A tech genius who invented the Pentaverate’s supercomputer, MENTOR.
Alongside Myers, Richard McCabe stars as Exalted Pikeman Higgins (The head of the Liechtenstein Guard, the Pentaverate’s security force), Ken Jeong is Skip Cho (casino mogul with extensive knowledge in the chaos theory of weather patterns), Lydia West as Reilly Clayton (accomplice to Ken Scarborough), Keegan-Michael Key as Dr. Hobart Clark (nuclear physicist who was recruited into the Pentaverate to resolve the climate change disaster), Debi Mazar as Patty Davis (the highly trusted Executive Assistant to the Pentaverate) and Neil Mullarkey, as the mysterious Mustache Man.

Directed by Tim Kirby, the series drops on Netflix on 5th May. And, yes, that is really Jennifer Saunders (as the Saester of Dubrovnik, protector of the parce clavem [aka the spare key - Ed], although she also plays the head investigator, Maister too) in the picture above.

Top image - Mike Myers as Ken Scarborough in The Pentaverate. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

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