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Celebrating ten years of publication, creator Jon Lock's Afterlife Inc. 10th Anniversary Collection is now crowdfunding on Kickstarter...

Press Release

Afterlife Inc. is the tale of con-artist Jack Fortune, who dies, discovers an afterlife in chaos, and decides to take over and run it like a business.

First published in 2012, Afterlife Inc. has become one of the leading lights of the UK independent comic scene. Written by creator Jon Lock, the series has featured the work of over 60 artists* and creators across its six volumes. This project will see the release of the entire comic series to date as two luxury A4 hardbacks: the Book of Life (previously released in 2014, now remastered) and the Book of Death. Collecting over 800 pages of content - with the sixth and latest volume to be released alongside the Book of Life/Death -  along with a host of special features, the Book of Life and the Book of Death are the definitive Afterlife Inc. experience - and a perfect celebration of a decade of independent publishing.

About the Kickstarter

The Afterlife Inc. 10th Anniversary Collection launched on Kickstarter on Tuesday 17th May, at 10am (BST).

While the Book of Life and the Book of Death will each retail for £45, backers can pledge to receive each book for the exclusive, Kickstarter-only price of £40. Additionally, all backers who pledge within the first 48 hours will receive a free Afterlife Inc. commemorative coin measuring 44mm across and 3mm wide as part of their reward.

All individual volumes of Afterlife Inc. are available as add-ons for the Kickstarter-only price of £10 per book. Also included is Volume 6: The Great Gig in the Sky, which sees its physical release as part of this Kickstarter.

Alongside remastered pages from Volumes 1-6, the Book of Life and the Book of Death boast over 70 pages of special features, including exclusive galleries, behind-the-scenes content and bonus stories. Also included is the never-before-seen 10-page story The Golden Age, featuring art by Gavin Mitchell (Steve Jackson's The Trolltooth Wars).

You can read Afterlife Inc. online at to get a taste of what's on offer, then find out more about the Kickstarter project here.

About the creator

Jon Lock is a writer, editor and game designer from Cheltenham, UK. In 2015, alongside fellow creators Alice Angell, Nich Angell and Lucy Lock, he co-founded publisher Big Punch Studios, for which he has written the series Cuckoos, Orb and 99 Swords. As part of Big Punch Studios he hosts the A Show Called Hate podcast and co-designed the hit card game Sandwich Masters. Outside of Afterlife Inc. and his work for Big Punch Studios, he has also written for games such as Spectacular Sparky for Nintendo Switch and Steam, published by Nicalis, Inc.

* Artists who have contributed to Afterlife Inc. over the past 10 years include:

 Davide Tinto (Commanders in Crisis - Image, Devil's Reign, Superior Four - Marvel)
 V.V. Glass (The Last Witch - Boom! Studios, Misty Winter Special - Rebellion Publishing)
 James Stayte (Gorebrah: The Mightiest Chef in the Universe - The Phoenix)
 Richard Elson (Sonic the Comic - Fleetway, Thor - Marvel)
 Jade Sarson (For the Love of God, Marie! - Myriad Editions)
 Jerry Gaylord (X-Men 97 - Marvel Studios)
 Gavin Mitchell (Steve Jackson's The Trolltooth Wars)
 Nich Angell (Colostle, 7STRING - Big Punch Studios)
 Eve Greenwood (Inhibit)
 James Lawrence (The Legend of La Mariposa)

Images & info - courtesy Jon Lock

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