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"Stanley Brooks is here to change your life with one simple question – do you want to be rich?" Coming to Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August, find out more about Lewis Dunn's solo show... 

Press Release

A highly interactive and satirical show with a silly edge and a heart of gold, Stanley Brooks: I Can Make Me Rich is the antidote to The Apprentice and a salve to The Secret.

About 8 years ago, Lewis Dunn (founding member of the 5 star Any Suggestion, Doctor? The Improvised Doctor Who Parody [read Susan's review of that show from 2016 here - Ed]) went for a job interview that promised to take him into the world of “direct marketing.” After a hyperactive day of “training” that promised to change his life and make him rich, it revealed an unbelievable and farcical truth – that it was in fact a pyramid scheme, where the poor folk who had been roped in had to convince themselves daily that riches just lay around the corner if they could only sell enough makeup bags off a table in a service station. This incident helped inspire Lewis to create the ultimate motivator, a person who could promise you the stars and deliver the moon – Stanley Brooks.

Since then, Lewis has been developing his stand-up character act on the Northeast circuit, enlightening audiences about the secrets of business and even managing to get a genuine call-back for a series of The Apprentice! He is now ready and is finally making his Edinburgh Festival Fringe Solo Show Debut to bring his interactive, highly silly and hilarious business guidance to the Fringe.

Stanley Brooks: I Can Make Me Rich is a FREE NON-TICKETED show (so entry is on a first come, first served basis) at Edinburgh Fringe Venue 151 (Bar 50), afternoons from 4th – 28th August (not 15th). Find out more here.

Image & info courtesy of Lewis Dunn, photo credit Steve Ullathorn

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